Launched is now live!

We've took this one from raw concept to a fully functional Drupal based responsive web site in just a matter of a few days. 

For this project, we did everything from listening to the ideas from the client about how then envision the site, to soucing the very valuable domain name & then making that concept a working reality with the newly launched web site (which is really more of a web application on the back end with it's scalability).

This new web site provides Fit Checklist with a independant voice online to share their message of being healthy, eating healthy and providing great general sound & helpful mental health advice.

In a world that seems to get crazier every day, it was a pleasure to work with someone looking to share their knowledge that can directly benefit in making people more healthy and enjoy life to the fullest. 

Fit Checklist features a very featured & rhobust content management system which enables easily embedding almost any kind of media they could want to reference in an organized "e-zine" type format. From podcasts, to videos & recipes, the Fit Checklist team now has the ability to help it's audiance with helpful advise simply and easily, in a manner that blows most standard blogging platforms off their foundation for flexability and is set up to scale with numerous authors all at once. 

This was one of the first "e-zine" type web site's we have developed in a minute and we love watching the results speak for themselves as the web site grows in content.

Be sure to check it out and perhaps learn a thing or two while you are there about being a bit more healthy in your lifestyle. 


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With experience comes real world knowledge, we have watched the internet and technology grow from a new fun new cutting edge tool to becoming an almost irreplaceable part of our everyday lives, often being directly involved in that cutting edge as web innovators.

We believe in making information accessible to everyone on all devices, all of the time, enabling quick and easy access to important information from anywhere in the world. 

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