New Year, New Web Site for XGeneration Network

I recently found myself with a bit of time on my hands and decided to bide my time and focus in on building an entirely new web site for myself for a change, instead of just for a client. 

We now can welcome the raw power of Drupal 7 & Bootstrap 3 coming together to serve XGeneration Network!

I managed to get the all of this site's framework, layout, base pages and theme done in a 48 hour span. Granted that meant coding all night and sleeping all day, but hey, this is the best way to buckle down and produce results when you are like me. I guess you can say this web site rose like the rising winter sun. 

I started to play around more in meshing in some various things I have been playing with on the site already, such as Google Maps and their awesome and easy "My Map Maker"

So much more to come soon..

I've just gotten started on the new site, I am looking forward to using it as a playground to highlight even more awesome work, resources, and all that is within the XGeneration Network world.

Stay tuned and keep reloading! We're coming through with even more power again soon to a browser near you..

About Us

XGeneration Network has been helping connect community and create online experiences since 1998. 

We have been very grateful to be able to work with many amazing artists, communities, universities, as well as many different diverse companies & start up's along our journey.

With experience comes real world knowledge, we have watched the internet and technology grow from a new fun new cutting edge tool to becoming an almost irreplaceable part of our everyday lives, often being directly involved in that cutting edge as web innovators.

We believe in making information accessible to everyone on all devices, all of the time, enabling quick and easy access to important information from anywhere in the world. 

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