Lucky Hare Brewing - All-in-One Web Site & Digital Signage Solution

Lucky Hare Brewing

We assisted Lucky Hare Brewing in developing a completely new All-in-One Web Site & Digital Signage Solution that supports the needs of a bustling & rapidly growing business.

We developed a new responsive Drupal based web site for Lucky Hare Brewing which also provides support for three physical "E-Displays" at both their Hector and Ithaca Locations which serve as menu boards for all business needs. Lucky Hare crafts exceptional craft beers and does so often. The requirements of the web site were to allow people to quickly and easily locate who carries Lucky Hare, provide their contact information as well as address as well as showcasing what Lucky Hare currently has to offer in house at both main locations. 

We were able to develop a complex but simple to maintain solution that allows Lucky Hare Brewing to add any craft beers they develop then assign the location they are available, which in turn results in them showing up on the digital menu board at that location automatically. With the business growing rapidly and different craft beers being rotated in out quickly, utilizing a physical board menu or chalk was becoming a serious bottleneck for the business. The all-in-one single point of entry system we were able to develop now allows they to rapidly add and change items not only displayed on the web site, but visually in each location.

We accomplished all of this without introducing any new monthly costs, so once the web site we developed and the e-display menu boards were in place, the only monthly fee is for the hosting of the web site - there are no monthly costs with the digital signage except the electricity to run them. In a world where simply playing music in your location requires a monthly fee based service, this is an accomplishment not to be glossed over, as every small additional new monthly fee adds up quickly for small businesses. We also developed a "billboard" type e-display for a secondary display simply highlighting upcoming events and new special craft beers at the Hector location outside of the main menu board system. 

We were lucky to have a more talented technical staff in place to maintain the web site for Lucky Hare Brewing, so we gave them almost complete access to editing the web site as we are confident there will not be any major challenges with doing so. We always evaluate the unique needs of each client and given Lucky Hare Brewing wanted more and had qualified talent to maintain more, we provided them with this access and instructions on how everything works. 

Lucky Hare Brewing has now been running with their new complete all-in-one solution for many months and it has proven to be reliable and steadfast in meeting their business requirements while helping ease the burden of disseminating information across several locations and the web with one point of entry.

Lucky Hare Brewing Hector Menu

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