"Epic Image" - User Customizable WebGL

User Supplied Epic Images in ThreeJS using Drupal

I have now built in the ability to use a user submitted image INSIDE the spheres of Epic cool three.js demo on XGeneration.net!

All you have to do is log in (Facebook log in or register for an account) then revisit this page and use the "Upload Picture" button above (Button appears when logged in).

You can now upload an image of any dimension and size up to 3MB and it will work. 

Remember, you can right click and save the image on a desktop PC also - so please try and it out, submit an image and share the image in the comments below so everyone can see it also.

Final note on browser support - to pull off this feature, we had to leverage a pretty new html specification, the "iframe scrdoc" attribute. To see a list of all the browsers it will work in, please visit http://caniuse.com/#feat=iframe-srcdoc.
Main browsers supported include all modern browsers with the exceptions of Microsoft Edge, which appears to be taking over where IE left off in not having key features or following standards like all the other browsers. 



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Keep in mind, you can right-snap and spare the picture on a work area PC likewise - so please attempt and it out, present a picture and offer the picture in the remarks underneath so everybody can see it moreover. Do my Assignment cheap uk A last note on program bolster - to pull off this component, we needed to use a truly new HTML determination, the "iframe scornful" property. To see a rundown of the considerable number of programs it will work in,

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